JW-1801 wake up lights with aroma humidifier

Sunrise simulation wake-up light
Natural sounds alarm clock
Bed lamp in white color or multi color
Sunset sleep light
LED time display in 12/24 hours mode
Humidifier and aroma

Nothing affects our sleep cycle more than biological clock. Inspired by natural sunrise, our wake up lights simulate natural sunrise and sunset to manage our biological clock and create better sleeping experience.


* Bedside alarm clock light - JW Wake up lights have 7 colors and you can adjust the warm white light's brightness smoothly. Touch button easy to control, perfect for a night light/bedside light/reading light or toys for kids.


* Get a good sleep: Sunset simulation - in 5/15/30/45/60 minutes mode, JW sunset lights become dimmer and dimmer, and  finally turns off. This sunset light tells your biological clock that - it's time to sleep now. 


* Wake up naturally: Sunrise simulation -JW wake up lights becomes brighter and brighter in 30 mins to prepare your body from deep sleep to light sleep. Then the alarm sound gradually comes out to wake you up, leave you with better mode and energy. 


* Adjustable:


LED time in 12 or 24 hours format. 

6 kinds of natural sounds