Factory size

Our factory is located at Shenzhen, Hengfeng industry center in 2008. As the owner of the property, our range is about 4,000 (43,000 sqft) square meters and we have about 300 employees. About 30 of them are in the management level. We were granted ISO9000 and ISO 90001 since 1998.




We are an integrated manufacture supplier, in another word, everything from design, R&D, molding, testing to assembling and sales all happens in this 4000 sqm. Meanwhile, we have a very strong R&D team and work with experienced tech company. We have four assembling lines, 3 SMT lines, molding machines, printing machines and etc. After more than 20 years of experience, our assembling line follows a strict and detailed quality method, in which partial QC tests are done till the end of the production cycle.  


The integrated manufacture system allows us to come out with 2-3 new models every season. Our clients alwaysbring us valuable feedbacks from the market with product customization requests. Since we control the whole producing process, we can take care of the request very quickly.




Quality and services are the key value of our company, and J.W. has been functioning around this core for more then two decades now. We strive to provide the best quality products to our clients and all consumers.