Development path

1995Shenzhen Yang Zhi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., the first generation of Taiwan's voice chips to introduce the clock, voice electronic calendar, voice electronic calculator. Opened the era of electronic voice calendar.



1997Innovative voice calendar calculator, model 9818, sales of more than a million sold a year



1998The first desktop calendar calculator, business access to ISO9000 certification



1999Three folding portable electronic calendar calculator, sales exceeded 20 million units. Started to do foreign trade, the products are exported to the United States, Europe, Canada, Japan and so on. Into Global Sources International Trade Platform.



2000Recording boxes, mini phones sold more than three million units. Awarded by the China BrandName Promotion Committee Award for BrandName



2002Start attending HKTDC Electronics Show every year



2004Renamed Shenzhen Jie Wei Cheung Wo Industrial Co., Ltd.



2011Debuted at the CES Electronics Show in Las Vegas, CeBIT Electronics Expo in Khanburg, Germany, and started a partnership with companies such as Carrefour, a famous European brand.



2012Registered J.W. brand trademark



2014National Hi-tech enterprise certification, registration home-based, homelumino self-brand brand.



2015Updated ISO9001: 2008



2016Launch wake-up light products.



2017ISO9001: 2015, annual sales of wake lights broken million units. And Zebao, the United States, GIFI and other international brands to establish relations of cooperation. Opened Shenzhen Jie Wei Cheung Wo Electronics Industrial United States Branch, a multinational company, and registered self-owned international brand WellNest, settled in Amazon / Yi Bei Network / Wal-Mart and other e-commerce platform.